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We recently shot "The Making of DAYO". Which could be the most truthful title ever as we are still in the process of making the movie as of this writing. Anyway. 

The day-long shoot (stress on "long") began at 7 a.m. with the video shoot for "Kapit", a song from the film's soundtrack performed by Moymoy Palaboy. Yes folks, the YouTube sensations officially make their recording debut in DAYO! The song is a midtempo inspirational ditty about friendship that the brothers sing with such conviction and (surprise!) impressive vocals. Watch out for these guys to storm the pop charts!

Moymoy and Roadfill are in the movie too, voicing several makukulit na creatures in the mythical land of Elementalia where much of the story takes place. "Abangan niyo kami!" Moymoy says in the taped interview for the TV special. "Try n'yo na lang hulaan. Kung hindi n'yo mahulaan, basahin n'yo na lang sa credits ang mga pangalan namin," Roadfill notes, laughing.

Just like the movie, "The Making of DAYO" is steered by Nash Aguas and Hopia Legaspi who play the lead characters of Bubuy, "da clueless 11-year old wander boy", and Anna, "da 13-year old vegetarian manananggirl". The two child stars already have the chemistry thing down pat, having previously worked with each other in Goin' Bulilit and in DAYO for whcch they recorded their lines together late last year. So when it was time for Nash and Hopia to shoot their portion of the show (they serve as hosts or veejays), it was as easy and breezy as ABC (or DAYO). 

Noel Trinidad and Nova Villa (pictured, above, with Eric Cabahug, one of the movie's writers) were also a fun pair to shoot. The comedy royalties play Lolo Meong and Lola Nita in DAYO, Bubuy's adoptive grandparents whose abduction into Elementalia by some creatures sets off the movie's action. They too have a light, unforced chemistry together. Interestingly, this was the first time that the two of them have played a couple. And they recorded their parts individually. You wouldn't know it though from the perfect vocal work they turned in for the movie. 

During the interview, Tita Nova recounted her most memorable scene from DAYO. It happens towards the end of the movie and it's so emotional that she got choked up and started tearing up inside the recording booth and was unable to deliver her lines properly! "Ako na yun na artista ha, naiyak," she noted. "I'm sure lalo na yung mga manonood. Very Pinoy kasi ang pelikulang ito."

The mood definitely got much much cheerier around dinnertime when Pokwang (pictured with Eric) emerged from the dressing room for her turn in front of the cameras. She'd been up since very early that day and was quite tired but you wouldn't know it from her still-potent energy level under the spotlight. She was definitely on, toying with some of the crew. She was especially "crazy" during the pictorial session, going from from glamorous to dramatic to sexy to monstrous (she does play the role of Anna's yayananggal in the movie) and everything in between. And when the staff and crew took turns having their photos taken with her, Pokwang mimicked a different movie poster with each new partner!

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