Meet the voices behind 'Dayo'

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Cutting Edge productions brought together the finest voice actors in the Philippine entertainment industry to jazz up Dayo's animated characters. At a last week's press conference at Ratsky's Tomas Morato, Dayo voice actors Nash Aguas, Katrina Legazpi, Peque Gallaga, Nova Villa and Pocholo Gonzales showed what you should expect to hear when you decide to catch "Dayo sa Mundo ng Elementalia."

It looks like everyone really enjoyed doing voice recording for Dayo although it was a first for everyone excluding Pocholo Gonzales, who has been working as a voice actor and director for thirteen years. Nash (Bubuy) and Katrina (Anna) thought like they were just playing in the recording studio and that they had no difficulty recording their parts because they identified with the character. While Peque Gallaga, a multi-awarded actor and director who made Lolo Nano's (the sage) character come alive, had a hard time doing with the recording and thanks that he had good directors to help him. Nova Villa is Lola Nita, Bubuy's caring grandmother. Pocholo Gonzales mimics news anchor Mike Enriquez to do the voice of Toti, one of Anna's bodyguards. He also voiced another villain in the movie (a tree) that will come as a surprise as the plot unfolds.

Here are the voice actors of Dayo showing the press a preview of the amazing things to come on Christmas Day.

Actors Michael V. also played a narcissistic cool rocker tikbalang (Narsi), Noel Trinidad as Bubuy's grandfather Lolo Meong, Johnny Delgado as Carpio (Anna's father), Laurice Guillen as the kapre and the Diwata/Bruha, Gabe Mercado as one of Anna's bodyguards Jo, and Pokwang as Vicky, Anna's nanny manananggal.

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